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Can Osteopathy help computer strain?

Can Osteopathy help computer strain?

Can Osteopathy help with aches and pains from being on the computer too much? A feasibility RCT ( random controlled trial ) on the use of osteopathic treatment for neck-shoulder pain.

Computer use and computer-based tasks are commonplace worldwide for social, recreational, and work-related activities. It is also a common source of pain, more often from poor posture during use. A study in the journal of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice has outlined a feasibility RCT to assess the effect of osteopathic care on neck-shoulder pain in computer users.The trial consisted of 30 adults who were daily computer users. The feasibility RCT objectives were met, suggested that a larger scale RCT would be feasible in the future. Furthermore, the PPT results suggested that osteopathic treatment increased pain thresholds compared to sham treatments and usual care – increasing the evidence supporting the use of osteopathic treatments for musculoskeletal pain.Santiago, R. J., Esteves, J. E., Baptista, J. S., Magalhães, A., & Costa, J. T. (2022). Results randomised controlled trial of osteopathy on neck-shoulder pain. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practise.
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